About the project

How Tree Tapper came to be

At some point, this I’ll do a longer text here. For now, just feel free to reach out me using any of the socials linked on my personal website in case of any questions/suggestions/feedback.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, chances are it’ll be answered in the FAQ. If it isn’t, feel free to leave a message using the contact form on the front page.

Credits / Thanks

There’s a whole lot of folks without which Tree Tapper would not be where it is today. First and foremost, I should thank the DSC Munich for the awesome hackathon they organized in collaboration with the DSCs Hamburg and Dresden – it was the “Intro to Flutter” workshop there that got this started. Additional thanks and credits to the following people:

… for the beautiful main tree asset used in the game

… for the fantastic background assets

… for the great photography used on the front page of this site as well as the Play Store listing (the phone frame is a Google Pixel 5 from Facebook Design)

… for the nice Lottie animation used in the game

  • Kolja Krohne

… for being the main beta-tester

The upgrade icons were purchased from The Noun Project, the art was upscaled using the Low Spec Pixel Art Scaler. The icon and logo were created using Shopify Hatchful. The fonts used in the game are VT323 and Press Start 2P from Google Fonts. Their licenses can be found on their respective pages.

If you find an error on this page, I apologize – shoot me a quick message and I’ll fix it.